2011 Rosé

Slightly sweet, but still crisp and refreshing, from Sangiovese grapes. An excellent choice for a lazy afternoon around the water.

2012 Rosé


This is a Rosé of Sangiovese. It is very fruity and fun, and medium to light in color as it was only on the skins for a few hours. It has a perfect balance of fruit and acid with very little residual sugar. Try this one on a warm summer afternoon or evening while waiting for the grill to warm up. (It's soon to replace all the beer in the cooler!)

2013 Rosé

This Rosé is made from Sangiovese grapes in Saignée style, which is a French term for extracting a portion of the juice after limited contact with the skins. Similar to previous vintages, it is light in color, only slightly sweet, and very crisp — just what summer ordered.

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